World Hyundai Matteson has Multiple Hispanic Car Salespeople

Everyone who lives or works in the greater Chicago area knows the region has a significant Spanish-speaking population. Although many of these Latinos and other Hispanic people are fluent in both Spanish and English, some definitely struggle with the English language.

Well, it just stands to reason that a lot of the Chicago-area residents who only speak Spanish are (or will be, eventually) in the market for a new or used vehicle. World Hyundai Matteson recognizes the importance of the contributions that Chicago’s Hispanic people make to the local economy and the rich cultural experience we enjoy every day in the region. What’s more, World Hyundai Matteson knows that many people who speak Spanish experience at least some language difficulties during the car-buying process. World Hyundai doesn’t want to shortchange anyone who speaks Spanish, so the dealership has found a solution to the language barrier.

World Hyundai Matteson firmly believes that no one should have to deal with a language barrier while they’re shopping for a new or used vehicle. Buying a car is an important decision and one that will impact the buyer’s life and finances far into the future. Whether you’re purchasing or leasing a vehicle, it’s important to understand all the different factors that go into the process – the standard features and options on the car, its purchase price, matters relating to a trade-in vehicle, financing concerns like the monthly loan or lease payment, the interest rate and the payment’s monthly due date, what the warranty covers and how long it lasts, how to bring the vehicle in for maintenance, service and repairs … the list could go on and on almost indefinitely.

That’s why World Hyundai Matteson is committed to ensuring that its customers who speak Spanish do not have any difficulties understanding the information they’re given during the car-buying process. This leading Chicago-area Hyundai dealer employs multiple Hispanic car salespeople. They smooth the process for new and used car buyers who speak Spanish fluently but are not as accomplished when speaking, reading or hearing English.

The Hispanic car salespeople at World Hyundai Matteson are fully bilingual. Each one of them is dedicated to ensuring that every customer who comes to the dealership has the best possible customer service and car-buying experience, whether they speak Spanish, English or both languages.

Shopping for a vehicle is a process that can be complicated and confusing even if you and your salesperson speak the same language. The Hispanic car salespeople at World Hyundai Matteson (and the dealership itself) understand that it’s vitally important for a customer to have a full understanding of everything that’s involved in the car-buying process. That’s why there are so many Hispanic car salespeople at World Hyundai Matteson who speak Spanish in addition to English. They all go out of their way to provide the smoothest, most informed car buying experience possible.

Car buyers who speak Spanish don’t have any language barrier to deal with when they’re shopping at World Hyundai Matteson. One of the reasons World Hyundai has become one of the Chicago area’s premier Hyundai dealers is the terrific customer experience the dealership provides. For those who speak Spanish, World Hyundai’s multiple Hispanic car salespeople are standing ready to help every step of the way!

Check out World Hyundai Matteson’s page dedicated to our Spanish speaking team members!

Hispanic Car Salespeople Mean World Hyundai Matteson Gives World-Class Service to Customers who Speak Spanish

World Hyundai Matteson is located in the Matteson Auto Mall and is one of Chicago’s premier Hyundai dealers. The dealership is receiving accolades from buyers and service customers throughout the greater Chicago area. Among the many other advantages that World Hyundai’s customers enjoy, the dealership is known for its consistently low prices, extensive inventory, great service department, and unsurpassed customer service. World Hyundai Matteson’s sales team and service personnel go out of their way to be friendly and helpful.

Due to its convenient location just 25 miles from downtown Chicago, plenty of car buyers who speak Spanish come to World Hyundai Matteson to shop for new or used vehicles. Some of these Spanish-speaking customers struggle to one degree or another with speaking, hearing or reading something in English.

The people in charge of World Hyundai Matteson know that some of the dealership’s customers who speak Spanish experience a language barrier when they’re served by a salesperson who only speaks English. The dealership is sensitive to the needs of its Spanish-speaking customers and addresses those needs in the most effective way possible – by employing Hispanic car salespeople who can speak Spanish in addition to English.

Think of the advantages of this policy if you speak Spanish fluently but your command of the spoken and written English language isn’t quite up to snuff. A lot of factors go into the buying process, and a lot of decisions need to be made. But, before you can make the right decisions, you need to understand the information you’re being given by your salesperson. If you speak Spanish but not much English, the entire process can be confusing and overwhelming – unless Hispanic car salespeople who speak Spanish are there and ready to help.

World Hyundai Matteson understands these concerns and is responding by ensuring that it always has several Hispanic car salespeople on its sales team. They speak Spanish as well as they speak English, and they make sure that the dealership’s Spanish-speaking customers have a complete understanding of all the factors involved in the car buying process. In short, World Hyundai’s Hispanic car salespeople break down the language barrier that so many Spanish-speaking car buyers experience at other area dealerships.

Naturally, the team of Hispanic car salespeople at World Hyundai Matteson doesn’t just translate everything a Spanish-speaking customer would need to know in order to buy or lease a new or used vehicle. These friendly, helpful salespeople will give any customer who speaks Spanish the same wonderful experience and customer support that World Hyundai Matteson has become famous for: they’ll go out of their way to help a buyer find the vehicle that has the right body style, the right color, the right set of equipment. They’ll do everything they can to ensure the buyer gets the lowest purchase price possible and the highest value on a trade-in vehicle. And, they’ll guide Spanish-speaking customers through the entire car-buying process, just like they do with World Hyundai’s English-speaking customers.

If you speak Spanish and you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, give World Hyundai Matteson a shot. You’ll enjoy a level of customer service that other dealerships simply can’t match. Of course, that’s true for World Hyundai’s English-speaking customers, too!

Need a dealer who deals specifically with Spanish-speaking car shoppers? World Hyundai Matteson is just right for you.